Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lots of pics!

Lot's happening here suddenly. Like I just found out Christmas is in 20 days, and I haven't finished/started anything yet!! First up - the wallhanging I finished over the weekend. I did get both trees up - there's a peek of one to the right. More tree pics later!

There is a niche in the wall behind it that contains all my stereo equipment. (you can see a bit of it at the bottom) Very cool, but sort of looks like a black hole in the wall, and begs to be covered up. It's a perfect place to expirement, or get some color combination out of my system without a big commitment. It measures out at 26 x 66 - odd size, but what the hey! This one was designed in EQ and it looks just like my design, but somehow it doesn't jazz me like I thought it would.

I have small granddaughters, and small girls love to carry treasures everywhere they go. These little drawstring bags were designed to be hand-sewing bags, for your threads etc. and the pattern includes a pincushion in a fabric flower, that sits down inside. Without that, it's a cute little bag for little ladies. I have 4 to make, these and one in blue and another in an animal print. Everyone gets their favorite color. Animal print? Yes, Miranda is strongly into anything jungle animal print - lepoard, tiger, zebra. I'll put a few little fun things in each one, and maybe even a bit of candy. These only take an hour or so to whip up, and 4 FQs.

Finally, some fabric with a dreadful design I found for my son, the bouncer. It suits him perfectly, (I think he has some of these tattoos!) but, yikes, what on earth to do with it?? My first inclination is to use it as setting squares for some coordinating blocks.

My quilt room is going to be a busy place the next few weeks -- wish me luck! Nothing like procrastination, I always say -- LOL!! Posted by Picasa


Elaine Adair said...

Good ideas - Su Bee - I have a niche like that also, no door, and full of quilt magazines, falling down, crooked, etc. Might copy your example. Makes a good table runner - it's very 'sensible' - not jazzy, but still just fine. Bags are cute - but mostly I HAVE to ask, where did you get that wild, peculiar fabric? That is ...uhhh hemmm... different!

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Love the little bags. Do you have a pattern number/name for them? May be something to think about NEXT year!
I know it's only 20 days away....but I haven't gotten a single decoration out yet...not even ready!

Anonymous said...

Somewhere there is a pattern for a travel jewelry bag that is very similar to your little bag, except there are little pockets on the inside. I use mine to carry my current pair of sox that I'm knitting. (I use 5" dpns so it all fits in that little bag. That is a creative way to cover "the black hole"

Leslie said...

Hooray! You got your Christmas nook cover finished. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

I like your "hole in the wall" cover! So, chic! Those Ggirls will looove those little bags. You are sooo ahead of me. I have nada,zip done! Perhaps this coming week will spur me on!!