Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I feel the Earth Move!

No, not more earthquakes! LOL -- It's finally, after 2+ years, having the front yard graded and new drainage and culverts and maybe even, (dare I hope?) lawn and trees....

On the red tractor is our oldest boy Jerry Jr. - who lives next door and is the father of those 5 grandchildren. The tractor is ours, the talent is his!

Nice, stinky topsoil -- oh goody!! The first load, of 3.

Ever seen anyone so excited about drainage? Well, we had 4 feet of rain in 6 months or so last year, and much of this front yard was under water. It's TIME!
Of course, no project is complete unless one of the tractors breaks something, and all the guys get to stand around talking about it.

It was a grand day, I loved it. Now -- lets see how much farther we can go?
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Elaine Adair said...

Wow - what a great adventure! Personally, I find the vision of men working, doing 'guy' things,just downright attractive. And hopefully this will solve a lot of unpleasant problems.

Photos are great!

Anonymous said...

Hey, lucky you! Your dreams coming true. I know the feeling! But, a tractor or expensive piece of equipment HAS to break down. It is in the rules! Keep us posted on the progress!