Thursday, November 23, 2006

All better now!

She came!!! Boy was I surprised, thrilled, thankful, shocked -- all of it. Meghan and I had a wonderful day, she insisted on sitting next to me at dinner, and we were kind of joined at the hip all day. It was fantastic. We played games, visited the horses, collected the eggs, back to the horses again, more games.....
The next best thing came when my son and DIL announced that we will have a new grandbaby in May!!! Ya Hooo!!!!

I'm telling you, this absolutely has to be the best Thanksgiving ever. My list of things to be grateful for is overflowing.

Happy, sleepy, full of pie am I, toddling off to bed. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful too!


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I am so happy that your TDAY w/Megan was wonderful, she is so cute! A new Gbaby....I can hear that sewing machine going on a new baby quilt (or two!)