Saturday, November 25, 2006

Don'cha hate when this happens?

This is the back of a queen sized quilt I spent 2 days doing an all-over meander on - and as I was doing the hand work on the binding I found this:

These are 4 squares of another project that I must have left on the quilting table, and they are "quite quilted"! RATZ!! The other thing I found, again while doing the hand portion of the binding, was 2 small tucks in the backing - AAArrrrggghhhh!! I haven't done that since my first time quilting! Ahhh well -- ya gotta laugh!!


Rosy said...

I would have like to hear what you "really" said! Ha!

Tonya R said...

That block adds character. you could write your label on it. I won't say anything about tucks or pleats since they seam to get into almost every project I make.

Elaine Adair said...

I agree with Tonya -- leave it in - it gives character to the quilt and humility to the quilter! Love it!

Is that something like sewing the hem of the blouse you are wearing into a project ?

Leslie said...

Well it's kinda like applique'ing your block to your skirt. Then when you stand up... *going*
But hey, you finished another UFO! *grin*