Friday, September 08, 2006

Time, Time, Time --

I have an ancestor! I can't tell you what a thrill this is; we do know our family history and can trace one arm back to the 11th century, but have never seen the face of anyone older than my grandmother, and have no pictures. Behold, my great-great grandfather, Jacob Landis Berry, 1838 - 1885

And a handsome fella he is, too!
So far I've learned he was born in Ohio and died in Oregon, served in the Union Army during the Civil War and had 2 wives, Emmeline and Susan. (How's that for cool?) but I haven't seen mention of his children anywhere yet but of course, here we are! Turns out that a distant cousin of my mothers had given the picture to my Aunt, who passed away 15 years ago. My Aunts husband turned it up and passed it to my mother. Mom told me the inscription on the back gives his name and dates of birth and death, and the photographers name. I am so foolishly tickled with this guy! I've printed out a sepie toned print and I'm going to find a old timey frame and write his history, as much as I can find.
Then I have to get to work quilting - those show entries are not going to get done without em.


Nancy said...

How cool to put a face and name together!

Rosy said...

He looks like a "cool dude"! Now you know where your name came from maybe?