Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Play

Waaay too hot to ever play outside, unless you have a big body of water, so I played inside with my favorite toy - EQ5. I dyed some more fat quarters, and love them even more, but now I'm considering what I want to do with them to show them off to best advantage. My first idea:

I've made a couple of test blocks, and have to say I'm a little hesitant. That's an awful lot of "plain" fabric, meaning no design. The quilting on it will be important, so there's my question, as always. Will quilting inspiration ever come easily? Boy, I sure hope so....... Is this the right project for my hand dyes? Should I do applique? But it's Kona cotton, so it's pretty dense for applique, unless I don't do needle turn. What do I do? What is the meaning of Life? LOL -- I love these kinds of dilemmas, so much easier than the daily grind problems. I could always just keep them as is and use them for petting, right?

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Rosy said...

I love pattern and the handdyed colors,its the border and black and white that bothers me....but, I know that this is just a prototype right.......;) Is this the "kiss a couple of frogs to find the right prince" deal??? LOL
(Yes, you can tell people you know me!) ;0)