Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Big Change

After many months of agonizing and prayer, I've finally made a decision that will direct the rest of my life. I am going to leave the security of the working world, and stay home. It's a hard-fought decision, believe me. I'm at least 13 years from "real" retirement and don't intend to be retired yet, but I have a great need to simplify my life and enjoy what I have instead of being too unhappy, stressed and sick to enjoy any of it. DH and I don't have a solid clear plan yet, let alone a time frame, but one thing that will happen is the addition of a long arm quilting rig, which will bring some income and allow me to do something I love. I will have the luxury of taking a walk in the early morning hours instead of flying down the freeway. I'll be able to watch my chickens and hummingbirds and horses - I'll walk my yard and even be able to work in it. I will be able to joyfully join friends for social and quilting times without feeling like it's yet another demand on my time. Already I feel a great weight lifted, and there's still much work to do and road to travel. I slept so well last night, after thanking my Savior for His guidence and feeling His hand on my shoulder I drifted right off.


Rosy said...

God has 'blessed you with the wisdom to make your decisions. So glad you feel good about them. I'll look forward to having you do longarm quilting for me!!! Woohoo!

Leslie said...

You're on 'the road to find out.'