Thursday, July 20, 2006

We're havin' a Heat Wave

I like orange fabric. There -- I've said it. You knew all along that SOMEONE did, now you know who. So I have a fair little collection of oranges, and while I may not ever make a full sized orange quilt, I always knew there's some orange projects in me somewhere. Here's the first:

These are the first blocks of what will be a wall hanging. I have a built-in stereo cubby situated in a wide doorway between rooms. The opening is pretty big, and it looks like a big dark hole in the wall, even with the stereo componets taking up space. So, I make wall hangings to cover it, play with designs, use up orphans, expirements and generally get things out of my system. I saw this quilt on someones' blog, but unhappily can't remember who or I'd give you a link. It has some sort of Irish name, but I don't think the Irish would particularly appreciate this particular set of colors. Since we are trapped solidly in our annual month-long run of 100+ degree days, Heat Wave seems like a more suitable name. What do you think???


Patty said...

I just really like Orange too, so there fore I like your little quilt.

Nancy said...

I love orange so your not alone. :-)

Susan said...

You could almost make me like orange with that one. I have a friend who likes it a lot, so there are at least 4 of you. Knew there was a reason it was in quilt shops.