Monday, July 24, 2006

Heat Waves, Quilts and DJ's

Hammerheads and fishhooks!!! Not sure what that means, but my favorite uncle would say that whenever he smashed his thumb and I was around. He said something entirely different when he thought I was taking a nap in Grammas room! But I think it applies here, when we are gripped by this other-wordly heat wave. Neither makes sense, so they must be a pair. This shot is on my back patio, and I don't think it's quite accurate. The highest I heard anywhere for us for that day was 114, not 122, but you get the idea -- HORRIBLE.
My Heat Wave quilt is being quilted, sort of. This quilt is as stubborn as it's namesake! The thread kept breaking, the tension slipped off 3 times. The marking pens went dry. the backing doubled up on itself and got quilted like that. I grimly kept at it - I turned on a great oldies radio station, although their playlist has gotten a bit stale. "PLAYLIST" - a word left over from my days as a radio dj. 20-odd years ago, the station I listened to seemed to be moving to a much slower paced music than I liked, so I wrote them a letter protesting what I thought was a change in programming. To my surprise, the morning DJ called me, and invited me to do a guest shot on his show, and I could pick all the music myself. Well, I leapt at that -- what fun!! I showed up on the appointed day with my playlist in hand, met everyone all around including the station manager who said a brief hello then left, shared a bit of banter with the dj, and got down to business. Near the end of my hour there, I noticed that the station manager was back, gesturing to me thru the glass. When the news guy took over, the manager came busting in saying, you were great - do you want a job? HUH?? me? Are you kidding? By the end of the week I had an FCC license and a regular slot on the afternoon show! It was an amazing and really fun time of my life, and I got to meet a lot of famous singers because I was a co-emceed their concerts in our town. BUT back to the old worn-out rotation of this oldies station. They have finally changed it up a bit, and I was happy to be listening to a new set of songs. Some Blood, Sweat and Tears, some Donovan, Strawberry Alarmclock - remember these guys? Suddenly the quilting clicked, and I was off. About that time I noticed what was playing -- it was Martha and the Vandellas 'Heatwave! I laughed like a little kid -- how perfect is that? <<>> Quilting does belong to some higher order in the universe, and has powers we can never understand.
(tongue firmly planted in cheek)
At 9:25 pm, the temp seems to have finally dropped below 90, and I'm ready for bed. Hopefully tomorrow will have a bit 'o binding in it!


Susan H. said...

Thanks for visiting my new blog. I will definitelly be back to visit you again soon. Love your churn dash.

rebecca0669 said...

Hi there! You must be soooo hot! I am in Alaska and it was 65 today. It has been a cool summer for us. Thanks for looking at my blog and I will be back to see how you are doing with the hole you snipped in the sashing! I hope it was quilted over just fine.