Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where's Waldo?

Or - Where's SuBee? Well, I'm here and there. Recovery is going so well it's hard to believe how distraught I was for so long. I've been busy, and been roaming around too. My favorite places are all water, so that's where I naturally go when I need healing the most, and here's a few of the best spots:
Ft. Bragg, California - Too beautiful for words! Pull up a rock and sit awhile. The sounds, the smells, the power of those waves -- all of that serves as a reminder of how small we are, how TIME marches on and you might as well go with it.
Cache Creek, Lake County CA - Up a creek without a paddle! Well, the boat had a good motor so a paddle was unnecessary, thank goodness! There was a million water birds of every description up the creek - but my all time favorites are the Great Blue Herons. We saw a LOT of them, and I was fortunate enough to catch this guy in about 30 fast frames as he took off and flew almost across the bow of the boat. Once we pulled out of the creek, we opened up out onto Clearlake, which is the largest natural lake in California.
We were on that lake for nearly 4 hours, and didn't cover 1/2 of it!! Of course, we spent some time with the engine cut off just drifting out in the middle of the lake, where I nearly fell asleep in the very warm sun, being gently rocked by wavelets. Sheer heaven! Being on water (even near it, but ON it is best!) always calms me immediately - like a fast acting drug. I've been craving water for months.
This is the Navarro River, near Hendy Woods State Park on New Years Day. Surprising that there were so many leaves still on the trees and they reflected nicely on the water, posing for my camera. Awful obliging of them, wasn't it? We had a nice long hike through a virgin redwood grove containing trees thousands of years old, and in the 200 - 250 foot tall range. Imagine a tree laying down that is as long as a football field, and wide enough to drive your car thru. Some of them have hollowed out caverns from ancient fires, leaving a cave-like opening at the base of the tree large enough for several people to stand in. The forest is hushed, damp, cool, and dark. The smell is earthy and rich. Another magical place to do some spirit healing.
What I have NOT been able to muster is sewing, and I can't imagine why not. I certainly have more than ample opportunity and a beautiful, fully stocked studio - what the heck? Talking to a friend of mine whose marriage also collapsed abruptly, I was surprised to hear that she couldn't sew for a year afterwards. A year, huh? Yikes. Well - I need to have a sew day at my house pretty soon and get it back into gear! That's part of who I am, and I need to get all my PARTS back together - lol - so I can really figure out who I'm going to be now. Sound strange? Yea, it does to me too, but here I go!
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Julie in the Barn said...

Oh my, Su Bee, it is so good to hear from you. I have been thinking of you often through the holidays.

My marriage went through a really rough patch that lasted a couple of years. Somehow, we weathered it & are still together. During that time I lost all interest in my hobbies; no sewing, no gardening, no reading. When I got beyond that hurtful time, I dove those things that give me pleasure like never before. You will too when the time is right.

Meanwhile, enjoy your new found independence and the freedom to do what makes you happy.

Hugs, from Julie

Carol said...

It is so wonderful to hear from sound great! I'm thrilled for you. Do whatever you want to do and feel like doing...this is time for YOU!

~Bren~ said...

I am so glad you are seeking healing. Many don't and wallow in their pain. You are seeking it and you know what the word says?? and ye shall find! Healing is yours and a life full to overflowing!
I linked your sewing studio on my sidebar...I hope that is ok.

Fabricfaire said...

The oceans,lakes and rivers all have a calming effect on me also! Such great photo's I am sure I can smell the ocean!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh that blue heron picture is just awesome! I love the water too, so I was sitting back relaxing with you!

julieQ said...

I am so glad you have had some time with water, and old forest. Strenth lies there! It just takes time for it all to come back, I bet it will with a vengeance!

bits and pieces said...

Hi SuBee,
This is the 3rd time i have tried to write! Anyway, I relate to your gorgeous pictures; when I lived closer to the ocean, years ago, I went each year around my birthday to reflect. Something about the waves, and the immensity of the water, timelessness...also being on the lake: special, I can just be happy on a bobbing dock, watching the sparkle. And wow, the room! What progress in a short time! Now you can get down to business, or whatever. Enjoy this new time of discovery. I am thinking about you, Fran

Taryn said...

It's sounds like things are coming along nicely. You'll find what a joy it is to rediscover yourself after you've had to tuck part of you away for so long.

Perhaps to get yourself back to the sewing again you should first make something that's totally indulgent for yourself. You've sacrificed long something good for you. ((hugs))

Brenda said...

I have enjoyed the pictures and seeing you are back with a new post!! I loved what you said about the water and how it makes you feel. I totally agree - water is something I am not around as much as I would like, no, need to be. And I could feel the sun and the boat moving as you wrote, and I would have fell asleep!!! Now I need to go walk through a forest.... Thanks Alot!!! ;-)!!

It's good to know you are doing well. Take everyday for what it has for you. I am glad I found your blog.

Jackie said...

This is my first time visiting your blog. I hope that the noise of the world around you quietens down so you can hear what is inside you. It will all work out. I hope the kitty is fully recovered.

Your quilting is amazing!

Purple Pam said...

So glad you are back in Blogland. I missed you and was worried about you and the kitty. Glad to know you are on the mend, and I am sure kitty is too. Take the days as they come. You will get back to sewing when it is time. Don't push it. It will happen.

Your pictures are gorgeous, so clear and bright. Makes me want to be there with you. Sound like you have a smile on your face. Keep it up, girl.

Kim said...

Beautiful photos! The ocean is my favorite, so moving further inland (I originally grew up in San Jose) was been hard--no ocean to escape to easily! It looks like you're enjoying your healing time--the sewing will come, but perhaps if you go in there and just sit down in front of the machine, those juices will start flowing again.

Lady of the Cloth said...

Hang in there girl, others of us have been there and are coming out whole and in better shape than ever. Well, maybe not physically, but you know what I mean. Hold your head up, pray a lot and do something fun every day. It gets better. A wise minister told me that you never get "over" things like that, but you do get beyond. At the time I didn't know what he meant but years down the line, I do. I learned that I can do anything for one day and that's all that I have to do. Get that sewing machine going and it will get better.

pwl said...

I'm so glad to see you back - I was worried. How is Cuervo? Is he doing well?

Healing of every sort takes time - and water is such a soothing thing. Your pictures are lovely. Take care of yourself, please.