Saturday, August 09, 2008

A GRAND mail day!

It was Bren!! Bren was my swap partner for 4SQS/summer, and looky what she made for me!!
To say I'm excited is a little understated -- I love this! And BREN made it! LOL - it's fantastic, and check out the hand stitching, it's so fine! AND to make it even sweeter - 2 magazines that I really like and never buy for myself -

THANK YOU Bren! It's so cool to have a Secret Sister and have it turn out to be someone you "know" - I'm so tickled! In the same mail day was my new exercise bike - quiet, comfortable and easy to ride:

(Looky, Mama! I got it!) My Mom has one of these and I rode hers a bit in Utah and gee, you can't ask for nicer. I need to exercise more - who doesn't? - and DH hates my treadmill with a passion, it's too noisy. I like to watch TV when I exercise, and do it early in the morning, so that pretty well killed THAT. So the bike is silent, nary a whisper from it, and as comfortable as my easy chair. Our local stores don't carry it so it came from a CyberStore, arriving yesterday with my beeeyootiful 4SQS. Happy me!

Today I'm cleaning like a crazy woman - I host Bunko this Wednesday night and it's always a huge production. This group always goes all out, and every party is a Martha Stewart production, complete with full dinner for 12, dessert/coffee/great prizes/etc. So the carpet in my family room, under the bike above, was kind of grungy and it got shampooed this morning. HUGE job - all the family room furniture is outside in the carport. I need to come up with a menu, shop, get all the gifts together and wrapped, make up fancy score cards, shop some more and on Wednesday thank goodness I get off work early. HOWEVER - I don't have tomorrow to do anything because tomorrow I have to make that dreaded 150 mile round trip for DGS' first birthday party and that will effectively wipe out an entire day of preparation. PLUS I haven't finished the tablecloths. Am I in trouble or what? Guess I better get a move on....Thanks for stopping by!

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Teresa said...

Wow..that is a lot of work for the Bunko party - I would be Whacko by the time the guests arrived.

Cute wall hanging you received.

Fabricfaire said... ARE a busy lady. Wave your "magic wand" and grab those Gkids next door, puttem to work! Love the little S.S. gift! "Ride On"!!!!!

Mama Koch said...

Neat bike. Can I ask what brand it is?

em's scrapbag said...

The S.S gift is so bright and cheery. Lucky you. Good Luck with all your preparations. I'm sure you will do a lovely job. Have a great day, Em

julieQ said...

I love your swap quilt too!! So pretty and bright. Sounds like your guests will have a wonderful time at Bunko!

Sweet P said...

The quilt is gorgeous. Bren does fantastic work. Your bike looks great. I should get one of those.

Anonymous said...

The quilt Bren has made you is wonderfull, good colour`s for the ship in the middle,
Im from a grew up by the sea so anything to do with ships or sea i love,
I do love your blog to,

My Happy Turtle said...

Wow - you sure have been busy! The quilt from Bren is fantastic. Such lovely colors!

Kim said...

Hey, where are you? I was going to wish you luck with bunko tonight and then I realized this was from LAST week! How'd the party go? Did you get run over by your new bike or something?! ROFLOL!