Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Civil War Skirmish Won by North

I don't get it - I really don't. Last night I sat down with the Rebel again, after changing a 3rd new needle and re-threading for the 32nd time. And it was like BUTTA!!! I got the whole top quilted in about 2 hours without a single broken thread!
Why? What was different from Sunday when I stomped out in a rage? I didn't do anything that I hadn't already done over and over and over....... I just don't get it. I'm beginning to convince myself that this quilt is possessed by the spirit of a prankster Rebel solider, harassing me because I live in NORTHERN California. No? OK, so that's pretty far out there, but do you have an explanation? Did I earn some good quilting juju somewhere? LOL - who knows? But isn't it fun?
On the new job front, it's like Heaven!   Tuesdays are our busy days when she sees patients in the office and I do an anemia clinic, meaning I give injections to patients with nephrogenic anemia. Between us there can be 10 or 20 patients in a day and we're hoppin' so no chance of boredom there, but on Fridays I could give myself a complete manicure and pedicure and not disrupt anything. Can't have that! I'm one that needs to earn that salary and stay occupied.
Not quite as occupied as the last job tho - oh no no. I still talk to folks over there on a daily basis, and my heart bleeds for them but at the same time I take a deep breath and SMILE. Not this sista - I'm all better now!
Now how's YOUR day?
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Teresa said...

Very nice quilt and I do like your quilting pattern. So glad you whupped that machine into submission.

KCQuilter said...

Wow, I love that quilt and your quilting looks amazing!!! And, yes, I do believe that quilts can have a mind of their own LOL!

em's scrapbag said...

YEAH! I am so glad you got your machine working. The quilt looks great. Your a much faster machine quilter than I am. I am still plugging away on my Harvest Sky quilt I get about 3 blocks done a day. They are big blocks 16". Oh well, slow but steady wins the race, right?
Have a great day!

Kim said...

Maybe that third needle worked? Did you do anything at all to the bobbin? Sometimes I find that's my problem. But here's another idea--humidity. I know our weather's been more humid yesterday and today, so maybe the thread was just too dry the other day. Stranger things have happened!

Anne Ida said...

Whoohoo! You finished quilting the Rebel! I'm so happy the machine eventually decided to co-operate with you! And it looks wonderful! You know I loved the top, and I love it even more seeing it quilted. The leaves you have used in the sashing looks fabulous!

Darlene said...

Your sweet Janome was just trying to tell you that you needed a break. Glad all is well. LOL

Purple Pam said...

I am glad you showed that machine who is the boss! Great quilting, especially with all the resistance you received. Way to go!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

It is sooo frustrating when your machine won't co-operate. I am glad that everything is back to normal again without you having to make the long trip to the Janome Doc!, Phew.

MARCIE said...

So glad you are finally sewing like BUTTA! You crack me up! The quilt is lovely, Yankee Dearest!