Sunday, March 18, 2007

Progress After All

Happily, the worse of the flu seems to have run scared at the sight of my armament of drugs, LOL! I spent one crummy day being miserable, and Sunday being just punky but not feeling to bad - I'm going to say I escaped! Ya-hoo!!! (now having said that, watch me go down for the count tomorrow) I played in the sewing room today, a little bit here and there, nothing concentrated. Made one little baby quilt for our guild donations - just cutting squares and sewing them together then doing an envelope style layering. I even did some wavy lines of quilting on it!

Later in the day, I was aimlessly looking for something to do that wouldn't be too time consuming or brain taxing. I started thinking about those squares of upholstery fabric from a few blog entries back. About 6 years ago I bought a big bag made of those types of fabrics, and it has been my GO-TO bag ever since. I take it to classes, to reatreat, shopping, to guild, on planes when I travel -- it goes everywhere. A perfect size for me. As a consequence, it's starting to look like I schlep it around all over the place - go figure! I started eye-balling that old bag and got out those squares and began playing, and by dinner time I had a new bag:


It's the same size, but has a few tweeks I wanted. The original bag had a ring of pockets clear down at the bottom of the bag, and with the bag full it was tough to get to those pockets. I put custom sized pockets near the top - sized for pens, cell phone, can of mints, wallet, that kind of stuff. Because it was beautiful and sunny today, I made the bag sunny too -- and it definately lifts my spirits. I was moping pretty badly about missing my sew day. Aside from that, the weekend wasn't as bad as I was prepared for! In fact, it wasn't bad at all -- just slow and quiet. Not bad.
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Conni Lu said...

That's a great bag! Love the colors, nice & cheery! :D

Angela said...

Glad you are better. We are still all sickie here. Mine went into pneumonia and dh has the flu. Everyone everywhere has it! blech
Love the bag. Perky for spring.

Finn said...

Hi Su Bee,what a great bag you have created there..*VBS* Very, very happy and springy, and a great use for those squares of fabric.
So sorry to hear that you were under the weather and missed your sewing date. That stuff seems to hitting all across the USA right now.
I was so tickled reading that you got your Hamilton order and liked what you got! I've been buying from them for over a year now, and check back every few weeks to see what has been added. You chose some great books there! I got that same Better Homes and Gardens Favorite Quilts one, and the doll quilt book I showed is from there.
I know we don't need more books, but at those prices it doesn't hurt too much..and they make great gifts!
Was wanting to tell you, I'm a fair piece older than you, being born in 1940. That means the Year of the Dragon. My sister who was born in 1947 might be closer to your age. I also have a sister born in 1951...just us 3 girls. So happy to have you stopping by, Hugs, Finn

Nancy said...

so glad you're feeling better! And what a wonderful bag! I love the bright cheery colors.

Rosy said...

So glad you could "drag" yourself to the sewing room! Your "bag" is fabulous!!! The donation baby quilt is cute! I made it over to "you know who's" and we talked about you!!!! ROFLOL! I just have to bind mine! Really glad you are better! You still "owe" a "sew day"!

Leigh said...

Hi Sue, thanks for your comment and good luck in your search for a treadle.
What a great bag and how sturdy it will be made from upholstery fabrics. Hope you stay well :-)