Thursday, March 08, 2007

Big Brave Kitty

5:30 am, curled up with coffee and Simply Quilts, and my big guy Cuervo starts yowling -- a low gutteral growl that means something is not right. Pretty soom he comes at me with his trophy - a mouse!!!

He is 16 years old and has lived indoors all his life so he's not exactly the Big White Hunter here; this is is second mouse. So first reaction was "eeeeeewwwwwwww - keep it away from me!"

Second reaction is - "What a good kitty! What a big brave boy!"
Third - (after he was done playing with it and commenced to crunching) "So you won't be needing breakfast then?"

Finally, "OMIGOSH! There's mice in my house!!!"

I'm a slow thinker.

He very sweetly brought me the remains while I was getting ready in the bathroom -- 1/3 of a well chewed mouse -- YUCK!

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Anne said...

First thought; Oh, what a pretty cat! Second thought: Yuck! Mice are yicky!!! Reminds me of my great-aunt's cat; he was a forrest cat and brougt home anything he could find, mice, squirels, frogs, anything. Once he came in with a still live bird and let it go in the kitchen. I have never heard my mom scream like that ever :o) Hope your mouse problem limits itself to this one mouse, though!

Rosy said...

Ha, good kitty! Our JR "terriorist" brought a gofer in one night!

Rosy said...

P.S. I love the blog wallpaper!

Dawn said...

Oh what a nice kitty to share with you!!!!

Jeanne said...

My first thought was how were you able to hold the camera still long enough to take the pictures? I would have been a basket case. Very cute cat, though, and an excellent hunter.

Finn said...

hehehe...isn't that just too funny, the house cat catching the mouse...LOL. You have me in stitches. Luckily I'm not afraid or put off by mice, but haven't had that experience with Ebony as yet.

You are just tooooo funny, but only one cup of coffee so that's understandable..the slow thinking part..*VBS* He is gorgeous(the cat..not the mouse tail) Hugs,Finn

Rebekah Smith said...

I know how you feel. My cat Merlin brought me the remains of a lizard. He didn't warn me so I stepped on it. YUCH!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Took you a while to get to "there is a mouse in my house!" Too funny! I can do rodent, but I can't cope with reptile (shudder shudder)