Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sewing Again

You have to love quilt shows - there's definitely something magic that just gets the mojo turnin'. Sure enough, I finally, finally got something moving in the sewing room! This will be a re-make of a Fons and Porter design that I made several years ago and promptly lost to my daughter. (Oh thanks Mom! I love it!) Huh? Wait....oh dear. I've promised myself over and over that I'd make another one for me but of course then couldn't find the pattern again. This afternoon I made a concerted effort, went thru 4 towers of magazines and finally found it. Why don't we ever look in the last place first? How come it's ALWAYS in the last place? LOL -- so without further to-do, let me introduce the new-born witch sisters Hetta and Gracie, and two of their playmates; nameless spirits at this point:
Geeeesh.......never thought 2 blocks would make me feel so accomplished.
I promised you more of Judy Mathieson, and here ya go. I love this quilt, the lowly 9-patch with applique. I know there's one in me somewhere, I drool over every one I see. This one is beautiful. I snapped the first picture from 20 or 25 feet away, (so the flash wouldn't wipe it out), then checked it out in the camera. I enlarged it and when I did I noticed something odd.

Peculiar. Weird, even. So I ran up to look closer..... (you can click on it)

It's all dogs!!!

None of those flowers are flowers, they're all fussy cut dogs, every last one! It's brilliant! While I stared in amazement I could hear Judy giggling - she says "I love watching people find that!" Oh man, I bet! I had to hang around and watch a few folks find it too -- what fun! Just proves again what I've always thought. The woman is a genius.
It's off to bed for me - cross your fingers that this go-sew swing hangs on for awhile. Maybe long enough to clean up my mess?? LOL!
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~Bren~ said...

I LOVE those noses!!! Too cute!
The 9-patch is GORGEOUS!!! The dogs are wild!!! Some people are so creative! I have 72 6 inch 9 patches....what to do with them I have not a clue!!

em's scrapbag said...

That to funny. The dogs are great. Love your witches.

Elaine Adair said...

Do you suppose that will be another book by Judy? How clever she is!!! And it's beautiful to boot. Toooo funny! Thanks for the photo.

Purple Pam said...

I would never have thought that the nine patch dogs quilts was by Judy Mathieson. I have taken classes from her and she is a super teacher. I have a mariner's compass block to prove it! Love the Halloween stuff.

CieAngel said...

your Witchs are so cute, I have the same magazine and I made the Flying Witch Wall Hanging, witch is now up in my kitchen.
The 9-patch is cool, the possablies are endless with what you could do for it.

Anonymous said...

Hi from "fishland". I too was amazed when I found those "puppies"! It is sooo cold here. Can't wait to see the new creation! xo


Pam said...

The dog quilt is just too cool!!

Christine said...

I love your witches!! What issue of F&P did the pattern come from?? I might have to do some searching of my own!!

~Angie said...

That is the cutest idea! Dogs, instead of flowers!

disa said...