Friday, October 05, 2007

I wanna be a ROCK star!

OK, not a rock star. I just want to design and build my own quilts. Apparently this is a progression that many quilters go thru - happy to make someone else's designs and eventually wanting to do their own. I've had EQ5 for a few years now and played a lot on it, but now I'm wanting to really come up with something striking that I have a snowballs chance of making. Hence:
FQFreakout and FQF2. I have more fat quarters than common sense, and theoretically I collected them to use, so these would be the quilts to do it.
I like them both and will make at least one of them, but can't decide which. Or maybe I'll come up with something else, who knows? OK, I admit to having Quilters ADD, so it's likely that I'll come up with something else, but still: I want to make at least one. Here's the rub: I would have to spend days cutting, and that might be my least favorite part. No, it absolutely IS my least favorite part. So my plan is to cut and cut and cut, and have a box full of parts so when I just want no-thinkum sewing I have it at hand. I need to have friends over for a cutting day, huh?
Tomorrow is our guilds big show and I can hardly wait! I'm working the first shift 10 - 12, then play for awhile and see where else I can help out. I love roaming the halls of quilts and feeling completely absorbed and inspired. When I get home my sewing room might burst into flames!
Pictures on Sunday. (not of flames, silly! the show!)


paula, the quilter said...

Nice designs. You need to read my last post about Traditional Quilts (these would quality).

Bren said...

What gorgeous designs!! Cutting is my least favorite part too...and then basting.
I can't wait to see pics from your guilds show!

Julia said...

I LOVE the second one. It is absolutely stunning. I hope that is the one that you make.

Elaine Adair said...

Boy, these are both cool, but cutting all those different pieces, having to sorta match colors -- not for the faint-hearted (like me). But either one will be SPECTACULAR when finished, and after all, isn't that what you want?

A lot of the pieces ARE the same - maybe you can get the easy ones done and the hard ones won't be so bad, because the end will be in sight.

Marcie said...

Those are great designs! Apparently you plan on making a BIG quilt! You have lots of cutting ahead, but you don't have to do it all at once. At least I never do! Spread the work out!

Mary said...

They're both awesome designs! Cant wait to see what you come up with!

Tazzie said...

They are both just lovely designs. Maybe in time you'll make them both. I'll love to see them go together.

Anne Ida said...

Your designs looks lovely! Hope you manage to make them!