Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Melon Balls and Chocolate Chips

What to do, what to do..........the perpetual question floating around my quiltroom! Sometimes there's so many good ideas, and so many UFO's, and so much pretty stuff, that I get paralyzed. Can't start anything because I want to do it all. I finished putting together the Diamonds top from several entries back, AT LAST! The thing has been hanging on my wall way too long, taunting me. Just because I vowed that it couldn't come down until it was one cohesive top that I could fold (and stuff into a bag...ummm, or not) So there it hung, partially together. And every blessed day, that thing chided me -- "HEY LAZY! I'm hanging here without arms -- do you care??" and "Can we get a little pieceing over here?" Oddly, this comes out in a twangy Bronx accent. Someplace I've never been, but apparently they have a lot of diamond quilt top relatives around there.

So burrowing around in the wreck of a fabric closet looking for the rest of that gold for the inner border for the %$#!*^ diamonds, I happened on these blocks made at a retreat last year. They were the result of total boredom with the projects I bought with me to do, and a hasty and lustful visit to the LQS there. Gee, I had no problem whipping thru these! I have 18 of them - most are really well done, and a few have some WILD and WONKY points. (That I did on purpose. Sure I did. WHAT? You don't believe me?)
So now those are being held hostage on the design wall, and let's see what accent they nag in. The name Melon Ball came to me, I guess because of the colors - or maybe this puppy will be Jamaican?

Then for about a minute, this cute little guy was on the wall:

Because I had a WILD and WONKY hair to do a ChocolateChipCherrySomething -- for weeks! I dreamed about it, doodled it at work, searched all the blogs and magazines for other B/P's, and finally scrounged up 44 FQ's of pinks and brown, and tried something. Maybe the idea was sort of a post-modern ice cream cone - chocolate and cherry ice cream? And OH my gosh -- look at those perfect points! What a work of art! Hel-lo - eight points coming together, and it's not a thread out of whack.. Cool beans!! SO awesome! I showed everybody who couldn't get away -- "LOOKY!" And the only problem with it is:
I don't care anymore. Geeeesh!! I had a little trouble even finding it to take a picture, and I don't think it's a week old yet. Poor little orphan child..........
I haven't gotten to spend a lot of time in the quiltroom because of all the activity in our front yard. What has been for 3 years a dirt lot with weeds is suddenly becoming beautiful! It's all graded smooth, the planters are all lined out and edged - the creek is all spiffy and rocked and cool looking, and we have a little footbridge for getting from one side of the yard to t'other.

So far this has been all my DH and my collaboration, with hired help for the heaviest stuff. Last evening LandscaperGuy was here to lay out sprinkler system and calculate how much sod. DH and I have had a running argument about this lawn. I suggested that it was going to be over 1600 square feet, (it's huge) and he told me to stick to my quilting and stop exaggerating. HA! LandscaperGuy doodled it out, and it's 1780 square feet. HA! And HA again!! So LandscaperGuy looked me in the eye and said, "This is going to be a maintence nightmare, and a pain in the butt to install, all those curves" I couldn't even respond -- huh? What do you say to that? Then he followed that with, "But when it's all done it will be the best yard on the block" COOL!!! Hey, it's been the worst yard in the valley forever, so as long as it's not that anymore, I'm happy. LG says, "One of these days you'll come home from work and it'll be all done" Oh man -- I'll have an arrest on the spot - full code blue. And I'll go down smiling!
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Kim said...

Oh, that poor little lonely brown and pink block! It certainly needs family and friends to keep it company! LOL! I have a block that's been on my design wall for about two years now--I guess it's a "someday" block.

I can relate on the yard--I think ours is probably the ugliest and needs a lot of work. I quit gardening when I started quilting. I sure don't miss pulling weeds that grow right back, but I do miss coming home to a beautiful yard! Yours will be wonderful before long!

paula, the quilter said...

CarGuy and I did the landscaping thing last fall. He stepped in and changed my design and now complains that it isn't parallel to the street. Hello? What do you expect, I had curves and the poor workers didn't know what to do. Plus, he swapped out the mulch and rocks. So now I get the fun of removing all this decorative rock and putting in a cedar mulch (it's much easier to plant my xeriscape into). Sigh.

Finn said...

I'm almost rolling on the floor here, giggling over your quilting post...LOL. You manage to describe me also, in the approach to what to work on and the level of interest it can/doesn't hold. You are just a hoot! Love your spirit!
As for yard 'stuff', I sold the house in 2002 just so I would no longer have to make big decisions like that. It sounds as if it will be beautiful when it's finished. Hope you live to enjoy it!!! Hugs, Finn

Leslie said...

You and I give new meaning to the term, "Short attention span quilting". *Hugs!*

Rosy said...

I so love your "honesty"!!! I just shove my "experiments" to the side and wait for a "divine revelation"!! Yard work...my mind is willing but the "bod" says "ooh nooo"! Yours will be the envy of the neighborhood!